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The “Inverted Hat” reservoir for water storage entails the construction of an underground, arti cial water-well lled with drinking water during a certain period of time. The idea is that they are built by the Wayuus themselves to empower them with a sense of ownership and self-care.

With these reservoirs, water is supplied to a complete ranchería of approximately 5 families and its capacity lasts 2 to 3 months. It will then be replenished by the Government for free, since each ranchería receives a minimum of one tanker truck visit per month, but the use and duration of each water supply depends on storage and care, as well as di culties in access to the area during summer or winter. 


"Self sustainable, with costs

Reasonable and great long-term benefits "


The reservoir consists of the underground artifcial well and a filter designed to eliminate smells, colors, avors and microbes that may be present in the water. 

Water is fit for vital consumption

They dig themselves, place the materials. Even the quartz stones (jarara) are taken from the same site.

They will be able to teach new generations to build and provide solutions for their water supply.

The cost of each reservoir is approximately US $ 7,000, depending on the place and size. 

affordable cost

time of construction:

 1 week

No electric power required

On-site maintenance by the wayuus

Built-in filtration and disinfection system

Simple to operate

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Construction details

The reservoir is 3 meters deep by 3 meters in length and width.

The well is protected by an internal geomembrane and lled with quartz stones which help keep the water clean and puri ed as the stone does not produce any type of bacteria or absorb any nutrients found in the water.

To keep the stones in place and have enough capacity, they are put in plastic baskets.

To extract the water from the reservoir, a pump made of PVC pipes and a hose that is attached to the two lters is assembled.

The reservoirs should be built close to the family homes. This helps families avoid carrying the water for long distances.

These reservoirs are possible thanks to the design of the engineer Oscar Naranjo Hernandez. 


treatment plant

This equipment (filter) was designed to operate for the needs of the Wayuu people.

The rst unit carries zeolites loaded with Cu and Arg to convert the lter into a bacteriological system.

The second unit carries activated charcoal loaded with a disinfectant that eliminates odor, color, taste and traces of chemicals that come in the water, and eliminates the presence of microbiology. 







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