"Winner works for the quality of life of Colombia´s native Wayuu tribes"

The great project

Winner is a project that seeks solutions and resources to provide drinking water to the Wayuu community to help improve their quality of life and the vital need of water consumption. 

How winner was born

Winner was born from the illusion and evolution of a young student’s idea for her school’s entrepreneurship project in 2017, along with the desire of a senior executive of Spanish nationality to do community service in Colombia which coincided with the wish of doing humanitarian community service in the Colombian Guajira. Winner evolves to being more than just a wish, more than just an illusion, and more than just a school’s entrepreneurial project, to being a great responsibility of the private business with Colombia and its indigenous communities.

our local ally

The SAU>WOUMAIN "For Our Land" Foundation, is a non-profit entity, interested in the integral human development of the La Media and Alta Guajira reservation, located in the Andean Wayuu territory that comprises a large portion of the Guajira Colombo- Venezuelan.

SAU> WOUMAIN implements, advises and accompanies the traditional authorities and the Wayuu communities in the face of overcoming everyday problems such as hunger, health and inequality. Its social objective is to design, formulate and execute social, cultural, educational (....) plans, programs and projects for the improvement of the quality of life of the Wayuu community.

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our allied ong

ACDI / VOCA is an economic development organization that fosters broad-based economic growth, raises the standard of living and creates vibrant communities. ACDI / VOCA has worked in 146 countries since 1963. Its experience is catalyzing investment, intelligent agriculture for climate, empowerment and resilience, institutional strengthening and market systems.

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our main goals

  • Provide a permanent water supply solution to the Wayuu communities.

  •  Find sponsors to support the project nancially.

  •  Include the project in activities of corporate social responsibility in the private sector. • Guarantee quality of life to the Wayuu communities

  • Make a school project an example for future generations.